Enter Now34 15Alexandra von Bolz'n has worked with different media for more than 15 years. As a voice artist, she has shouted in bands, created sound art, and set exhibitions and films to sound. Her musical bandwidth ranges from more even and silent forms [drones, experimental works] to harsher sounds [noise, tech/math grind, doom/sludge, breakcore, electro].7 18With the sounds she creates, she challenges and enlarges gender boundaries usually taken for granted. Once her vocal chords are unleashed, she runs the gamut from the deepest frequencies up to the highest pitches, emitting sounds that are hardly recognizable as products of a human voice. As the negotiation of traditional gender roles is a particular concern of her artistic work, Alexandra von Bolz'n also collaborates with photographers and graphic designers. As a model, she conceptualizes ideas and visions in order to blur the classic imagery of the sexes.